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Hey Peeps. I'm Jack, Illustrator and musician. I am taking a multimedia class at the moment, and its opened my eyes to flash animation. So bare with me and I'll continually upload whatever little flash files that i create! J.C.

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Posted by HeinousHiatus - August 30th, 2007

All right for all you people that tried to have a go at me for spelling Pterodactyl wrong on my first 24 hours on newgrounds, a TERROR DACTOR is a made up creature! and a Pterodactyl cannot morph into a plane. I am not a noob. When i get better skills and find more time take my animations more seriously. Lighten up certain people!

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buddy, urs is total crap. at least mine made it on newgrounds. urs got blammed cause it sucked and everyone else thought so to. it had a total vote of less then 1.

Gee u know you have made it big when you make it on an animation website!! I'm a professional illustrator you noob! like i say at least i dont take it seriously like you do. your just a dweeb and you know it. why dont you go back to your bedroom and wack off while your mother makes you a casserole.

Young punks! Don't take this shit Crawdad!

word boog, word

your a stupid aussie prick. your drawings suck ass, no wonder your still in school. if you went out ud be living in a ditch cause no one would buy ur shit on canvas. so shut up, leave me alone, and get a real job and try nbot to suck at that one.

I live in a house mate, not with my parents, a place of my own which i pay for with money I earn working in my real job. I'm sure you'll never have to live in a ditch and even if you did it would be out the front of your mothers house and she would bring you out milk and cookies and extra blankets and cotton wool to wrap you in. and by the time it got dark, and you sneak back through your bedroom window, there will be a hot water bottle under the pillow and mummy waiting at the foot of the bed to give you a happy ending.

what is your problem and was is your obsession with my mom? do u have any other thing good to say then my mom bringing me food? and your jusr retarded. if i lived in a ditch it would be away from my house, because if i lived in front of the house, then I may as well go live in the house. think before you talk..... dumbass.

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