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2007-08-30 18:41:24 by HeinousHiatus

All right for all you people that tried to have a go at me for spelling Pterodactyl wrong on my first 24 hours on newgrounds, a TERROR DACTOR is a made up creature! and a Pterodactyl cannot morph into a plane. I am not a noob. When i get better skills and find more time take my animations more seriously. Lighten up certain people!

The Ring

2007-08-30 09:49:37 by HeinousHiatus

Touted as the heavyweight champions of 2007, NMIT Diploma of Arts Illustration graduates are about to step into the ring. With their gloves strapped tight and the bell about to sound, these dynamic artists are set to deliver the knockout punch. After two years slugging it out, and considerable time up against the ropes, the contenders are heading for the title.